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Acne Academy Treatment (Initial)

Address all concerns of your acne with a thorough consultation, customized facial, deep extractions, Celluma LED Light Therapy and a new home care regimen will be given which will include full-size products! Deep extractions included

*Pregnancy Safe

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Oil Control and Pore Minimize Facial

Target excess oil, acne, large pores, texture, and aging skin, with powerful , DMK's Acne healing enzyme mask, a blend of BHA's and AHA's with bacteria fighting ingredients. Designed to increase healing, fight harmful bacteria, and encourage fast skin recovery. Medium extractions and Celluma LED Light Therapy included. 120min

Facial Treatment

Acne Academy Treatment (Maintenance)

This is our Acne Academy Treatment Facial but at a special price. ONLY clients who have received the initial Acne Academy Treatment facial, their home care regimen with products, and is re-booking within 1-3 weeks from their last visit should book this service. 45 min.

*Pregnancy Safe

*This is NOT for first time clients.

*DO NOT book this service if you are past 3 weeks from your last facial.

Applying Face Cream

Anti-Acne Steam Detox Facial

Great for Oily to combination skin types, anyone who suffers from inflamed and non-inflamed acne, and those who love steam! Deep cleansing enzyme and a time-released AHA blend gently boosts exfoliation, clearing out pores, smoothing texture, reduces sebum production/shine, and inflammation. Medium extractions included. Celluma LED Light Therapy is a GREAT Add-on.  50-60min


Applying Face Moisturizer


This facial peel consists of a unique, versatile, and patented biphasic peel formula of 35% TCA, which has multi action effects during the peel, immediate/visible effects after the peel, and long-term effects post peel! Suitable for all Fitzpatricks, and suggested for a variety of skin conditions such as, hyper-pigmentation, scar removal, melasma, fine lines/wrinkles and rosacea. Skin is left brighter/glowing, firm and hydrated. Light to medium Extractions included. 35-40min


BioRePeel (Series)

This is the BioRePeel sold as a series of 4, at a discounted price. This series will include a customized home care regimen, given to you after your first session. The following 3 sessions will be booked two weeks apart from one another.

Laser Facial Treatment

Microchanneling (NanoStamp360™)

Microchanneling is a new, Medical-Grade, advanced, more modern version of Microneedling treatment. Microchanneling is a technique that uses tiny surgical stainless steel points to gently create temporary micro perforations in the skin. These microchannels, combined with an advanced Bio Peptide Serum with bio identical growth factors triggers a healing response which induces new collagen and elastin within the skin.

*This is NOT a Facial for first time clients.

*You must be receiving treatments from one of our professionally trained Estheticians, be on a tyrosinase inhibitor, and a home care regimen before receiving this Facial.

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The Perfect Derma Peel

The Perfect Derma™ Peel is a medical grade medium-depth peel featuring the powerful antioxidant, Glutathione. This peel dramatically lifts hyperpigmentation, brightens dull-looking skin, minimizes visible skin aging, and prevents the onset of wrinkles. The Perfect Derma™ Peel is suitable for all skin types and ethnicities. Also, an excellent choice for treating rough, dehydrated, sun-damaged, hyperpigmentation, keratosis pilaris, or acneic skin on the arms, legs, chest, back, hands and feet. **After care kit included.

*This is NOT a Chemical Peel for first time clients.

*You must be receiving treatments from one of our professionally trained Estheticians, be on a tyrosinase inhibitor, and a home care regimen before receiving this Facial.

Skin Care



Natural Beauty

Brighten & Pigment-Correct Facial

Actively target discoloration, dark spots, and pigmentation due to acne, malasma, or sun damaged skin, with a powerful skin brightening combination of Tyrosinase inhibitors, enzymes, and Vitamin C. These ingredients will drastically help to lighten your pigmentation and smooth skin texture. Suitable for skin types wanting to correct hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Light Extractions included. Light flaking & or peeling may occur. 120min

Facial Cream

DMK Enzyme Masque Facial

DMK’s signature Enzyme Masque enhances optimal skin function by triggering cells to increase circulation, and oxygenation. In addition, reverse osmosis flushes lymph fluid, clearing toxins and free radicals while stimulating collagen production. Skin will reveal a more tight, toned and lifted appearance with an immediate glow! Gentle enough and customized for all skin types. 60min

Facial Treatment

Deep Exfoliating Enzyme Facial

This highly effective and advanced layered exfoliating treatment will leave your skin deeply cleansed, and refreshed. This facial utilizes chemical and physical exfoliation with heat-activated enzymes, which target dead cells and clogged pores, and a triple acid chemical peel, which reduces acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines/wrinkles. Medium extractions included. 105min


Hydrating Vita-C Enzyme Facial

Fruit enzymes packed with antioxidants exfoliates and renews the epidermis on multiple layers. Designed to hydrolyze dead skin cells, draw water up to the surface, and increase dermal hydration, leaving the skin smooth and dewy! Great for those who have excessive dryness, flakiness, and dull complexions. Light extractions included. 70-75min

Natural Beauty

Dermaplaning Facial

Custom facial great for all skin types. Extractions, light exfoliation, peptides and antioxidants  will give your skin a firm appearance and youthful glow, while dermaplaning will remove the stratum corneum & vellus hairs/peach fuzz from the face, allowing for better product absorption and penetration. 50min

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Therapeutic Oxygen Facial

Therapeutic facial designed for the client who already has a perfected skincare regimen and NO visible skincare concerns. A great facial for monthly maintenance, relaxation with aromatherapy and gentle enough for all skin types. This facial includes steam cleansing, an exfoliating mask with brightening papaya enzymes, light extractions, a unique oxygen peel formulation, & therapeutic upper body massage. Skin is left glowing, firm  and hydrated. A quick, yet effective pick me upper for Teens, Women, and Men! 45min

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DMK Muscle Banding Facial (Non-Surgical Facelift)

This treatment is designed to lift and tighten sagging areas of the face by sending deep, contracting signals to the muscles beneath. The result is a mini workout strengthening the structure of the face. During this treatment, you can passively contract almost any of the 57 face muscles. “Banding” is the technique of application to the muscles of the face, where multiple enzyme masques are applied in band strokes. This treatment is ideal for clients who are starting to show signs of aging in specific areas of the face. This facial also includes Celluma LED Light Therapy and a transepidermal nutrition delivery system, boosted by Nano-infusion to seal in and enhances the effects of this treatment. (You MUST have at least one DMK Enzyme Facial prior) 90min

Facial Care




Deluxe Enzyme Therapy Hydrafacial

All the great skin loving benefits of the Signature Deluxe Hydrafacial with added customized DMK Enzyme Therapy. This treatment enhances optimal skin function by triggering cells to increase circulation, and oxygenation. Skin is left exceptionally hydrated, brighter, lifted and toned. Light, painless extractions included. 75min


Signature Deluxe Hydrafacial

Deeply purify, nourish, and protect the skin in 3 steps! Gentle exfoliation, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid will provide immediate, skin loving results with visible skin rejuvenation, and no irritation. We add a customized treatment booster, and LED light therapy for the ultimate glow! A great first time facial for everyone, anytime of year! Painless, light extractions included! Can be performed every 1-2 weeks. 30min


Clay Facial Mask

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Facial

This corrective facial is appropriate for men that have a tendency toward ingrown hairs. It will effectively loosen rough, keratinized cells, allowing the hair to release from the impacted follicle. Anti-bacterial ingredients, exfoliating enzymes & chemical exfoliation will inhibit pigmentation and bacteria. Extractions, and Celluma LED light therapy included.  120min

Skin Care Lotions




Add-Ons consist of Brazilian+(Plus), Celluma LED Light, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion(Face or Body), The Perfect Derma Peel Booster(Acne or Pigment), Hydrafacial Perk Me Up Lip Plumper and or Hydrafacial Wet Diamondbrasion. Add-Ons can be added to most facial and body service.

(Add-On services can ONLY be booked with a full service Facial or Body Service.)

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Add-On Brazilian+(Plus)

Similar to a Va-Jacial but unlike a Va-Jacial, this service CAN and SHOULD be done immediately after waxing. A gentle yet deep cleanse to exfoliate the vagina area and further extract ingrown hairs. This treatment will effectively soothe inflammation from waxing and detoxify any clogged pores.


Add-On Microdermabrasion (Face or Body Area)

Microdermabrasion that we perform uses a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate the skin and then draw out debris and impurities with a suction. It is non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive, & requires  no downtime.


Add-On Celluma LED Light (15min) & (30min)

Celluma is a light therapy device for treating acne, wrinkles & pain conditions. This works by killing acne-causing bacteria at the source, deep beneath the skin's surface, reduces inflammation & improves texture. The technology embedded in Celluma was developed by NASA & produces immediate results!

acne booster.jpeg

Add-On PerfectDerma Acne Booster

ONLY for The Perfect Derma Peel. This booster is extremely effective for moderate to severe acne & acne scars.


Add-On Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning with a medical grade, sterile blade stroked along the skin at an angle will remove the stratum corneum & vellus hairs/peach fuzz from the face.

(NOT recommended for active acne/pustules, anyone with numerous raised lesions, or those with beards.)

pigment booster.jpeg

Add-On PerfectDerma Pigment Booster

ONLY for The Perfect Derma Peel. This booster is highly effective for stubborn hyperpigmentation, acne scars, actinic keratosis and sun damage.


Add-On PerkMeUP Lip Plumper

ONLY for Hydrafacial. This refreshing lip treatment helps stimulate circulation, gently cleanse, and exfoliate dry skin, increase hydration, and provides antioxidant protection on one the most delicate areas on your face. (Includes a take-home revitalizing lip serum)

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Add-On Wet Diamondbrasion

Similar to our Microdermabrasion, this diamond tip treatment is specifically designed for our Hydrafacials. Add this treatment on to any Hydrafacial to maximize the exfoliation and resurfacing process

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